viernes, 25 de junio de 2010

Parallels - Visionaries (2010)

Parallels is Cameron Findlay (drummer, producer), Holly Dodson (vocalist, producer) and Joey Kehoe (synthesizers). Based out of Toronto, Parallels is quickly building a loyal following since their formation in October 2008.

Cameron Findlay, is the former drummer of Canadian electro group, Crystal Castles. While on tour in 2007-08, Findlay spent much of his free time recording demos of what would later become the foundation of Parallels’ current repertoire. Through an exchange of email with Holly, half-finished songs he had been working on became their first single “Ultralight”. Cameron returned to Toronto at the end of Crystal Castles’ 2008 tour, and turned his main focus to the development of Parallels. Holly and Cameron continued to write more material, releasing “Ultralight” as a digital single later that year. They found co-writing to be a refreshing break from working solo – each bringing their diverse musical backgrounds to their new project – stemming in ambient electronic music, cold-war new wave, and classical music.

Here the eightth track, enjoy it

Artist: Parallels
Title Of Album: Visionaries
Year Of Release: February 6, 2010
Label: Marigold Productions Limited
Genre: Electronic, Synthpop
Bitrate: V0 Kbps
Source: WEB
Total Time: 50:14 min
Total Size: 96.79 MB


1 Find The Fire 3:55
2 Ultralight 4:32
3 Dry Blood 4:52
4 Nightmares 3:53
5 Reservoir 4:59
6 City Of Stars 3:59
7 Magnetics 4:43
8 Counterparts 3:40
9 Vienna 4:29
10 Midnight Vioces 3:36
11 Shadow Hearts 3:50
12 All We'll Ever Know 3:46


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